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Repeater solution

We provide "Network Coverage Solution" which is ideal for home and / or workplace , where cost quality and coverage enhancement and optimization are key essential factors. "Network Coverage Solutions" can be deployed as 'Network Extension' in areas with no or weak signal such as rural areas , highways , suburbs etc. They can also be use as an efficient and low cost alternative to base station where coverage is more critical than additional capacity.

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Customer Testimonial

  • For the installation of pv modules, your company has provided with excellent services as regards to the complete installation & technical support.

    Hormuud Telecom,Somalia
  • The Free Cooling Unit (FCU) , provided by your company is very affordable as compared to air conditioners and maintenance is easier.

    NCELL, Nepal
  • Your "In-building Solutions" technology , has really shown best network coverage in mobile than before, both for our domestic as well as commercial properties

    TELTALK , Bangladesh